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Soft amaretto is a traditional product of Sicilian pastry art. Its intense aroma anticipates the unmistakable taste of sweet and bitter Sicilian almonds.


To make them, our pastry chefs at the Syracuse prison use whole almonds, the peel of which gives the biscuit a rich flavor and a rustic texture. The typical "bitter" flavor is given by the use of real bitter almonds (equal to 3% of the total ingredients), as tradition dictates. Fair trade cane sugar and honey contribute  to the success of this biscuit, sweet and soft at the right level. The recipe, simple and genuine, does not include the use of preservatives or colourings.


Their flavor is so intense and persistent that one is enough to transform a break into a moment of ecstasy and delicious pleasure. This is why we package them individually: so you can always carry them with you and always have an excuse ready to enjoy them.


Ingredients: Cane sugar, Sicilian almonds 39%, egg white, bitter almonds 3%, honey, natural bitter almond flavour, leavening agent: ammonium bicarbonate.

Soft Sicilian Amaretti 150g Dolcievasioni

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