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The Organyc organic cotton non-applicator tampon is ideal for women who want to avoid using synthetic materials in their sanitary products. The Organyc tampon is made from 100% pure certified organic cotton with an organic cotton absorbent core. The organic cotton tampons are naturally breathable, hypoallergenic and ideal for women who suffer with sensitive skin. All Organyc cotton tampons are individually wrapped.


Organyc tampons are independently audited to ensure optimum quality and purity. Organyc organic cotton tampons do not contain perfumes, colouring agents or super absorbent polymers, guaranteeing that only 100% certified organic cotton which is free from chemical bleaching and chlorine has been used.


Organyc organic cotton tampons are certified Organic by ICEA, certified Vegan by VEGANOK. Cruelty free.


All of Organyc organic cotton tampons are biodegradable.




Assume a comfortable position, with your muscles relaxed. One of the positions that allows easy access to the vaginal area is standing up, or with one foot on the toilet.


  • Wash your hands and remove the wrapper from the tampon. Make sure that the string is tied securely and hanging outside the applicator. The mechanism of the applicator is like that of a syringe.

  • Hold the tampon with the base of the applicator between your thumbs and index finger. With the other hand, open the vaginal opening gently and place the rounded tip of the applicator in the vaginal orifice (the same opening from which the flow leaves the body). Insert it at a slant toward your back rotating it slightly. Slide the external insertion tube completely into your vagina, until your finger touches your body.

  • Push the internal insertion tube with your index until it is inside the first tube. In this manner, the tampon will be correctly positioned inside your vagina.

  • Remove both applicator tubes from your body and put them in the bin. The string will be hanging outside your body. When the tampon is correctly placed, you will not feel anything. If you feel uncomfortable it means that you have not inserted the tampon to a sufficient depth. You should remove the tampon and insert a new one, ensuring that you insert it deeply.


When to change the tampon:


You should change your tampon every 4-8 hours. To remove the tampon, bend your knees slightly with your legs open and relax. Pull the string outside your body, in the same directly in which you inserted the tampon. Wrap in toilet paper and put in the bin. If you feel discomfort when removing the tampon and you can see white fibres, it may be that it is not saturated. Always use a tampon with an absorption capacity that is less than your flow. Always make sure that you have remove the last tampon before inserting another. Make sure that you remove the last tampon at the end of your period, and do not use tampons before or between periods.

Cotton Tampons Super Plus (Heavy) Organyc

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