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Ingredients: Bowls of extruded cereals with low-fat cocoa powder (wheat flour, cane sugar, rice flour, corn flour, low-fat cocoa powder, rice syrup [water, rice], salt, Bourbon vanilla), extruded spelt flakes (whole spelt flour, cane sugar, barley malt [water, malted barley], salt), extruded cereal balls with honey (flour corn flour, wheat flour, cane sugar, oat flour, rice syrup [water, rice], honey, corn starch, salt, Bourbon vanilla, red beetroot powder, natural turmeric flavouring), extruded cereal grains (rice flour, wheat flour, corn flour, rice syrup [water, rice], cane sugar, salt).

5 Crunchy Cereals 300g Baule Volante

SKU: 8018848019346
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