Ingredients: Nigari (magnesium chloride).

Nigari is the solidifying agent needed for homemade and hand-made tofu and consists of magnesium chloride, with some magnesium sulfate and other trace elements, after the salt has been removed from sea water. It helps thicken the soybean milk and the soybean curd is then squeezed and pressed into its solid form of tofu. Nigari helps your tofu maintain a firm and silky texture. Also excellent for the beverage nigari-sui, which is prepared by dissolving a quarter to half a teaspoon of nigari in 1 litre of water. This beverage is valued in Japan for its rejuvenation and detoxification properties. Mainly used in the macrobiotic diet, the isoflavones in soybeans have been linked to a range of health benefits.

Nigari Flakes 100g

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